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  • Low Male Libido?

    Low Male Libido?

    The male libido is the overall desire for sexual activity and sexual drive in men.

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    Find a Solution!

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Do you suffer from low male libido?
A healthy male libido is important for a sexual desire and a good relationship. Without proper male libido it would mean that a man is ‘simply’ going through the motions during intercourse or might not have any interest in intercourse at all.

Male Libido

What is a Male Libido?

When we talk about the male libido, it is important to note that there are a few misconceptions that people have. The male libido is the overall desire for sexual activity and sexual drive in men.

  • Male Libido
  • Male Libido
  • Male Libido

The male libido is influenced by a number of factors that range from social, to psychological, to biological. Even though the male libido varies from person to person, it is often the highest during the late teen years and starts as early as before birth. The male libido continues until the man's entire lifetime.

It is important to note that low male libido does not mean the same thing as having erectile dysfunction. While erectile dysfunction means that you have the desire for sex, a male libido means that you have no such desire.

However, male libido could easily lead to issues with erectile dysfunction because the man simply does not feel sexually attracted to his partner. Whilst this may not necessarily be linked directly to his perception of attractiveness of his partner, it is certainly linked to lowered male libido. This means that even someone who is normally attracted to his partner could have less of an interest in sexual intercourse, thanks to a low male libido.

Libido is tied to hormones. Both in men and women alike, androgen hormones are directly linked to libido. The primary hormone that we have to consider with libido is testosterone.

Because men have upwards of 40 times more testosterone in their system as women, the sexual drive is considered far more intense. This is another reason that low male libido often comes with a stigma attached to it.

Symptoms of Low Male Libido

One of the difficulties in measuring low male libido is the fact that there is not a set number that a man has to meet before he can be qualified as having ‘lowered’ male libido. A few of the symptoms of low male libido include:

Lack of interest in sex, or desire for sex

Lack of interest in sex, or desire for sex

It is important to understand that from time to time, it is normal to lose interest in sex temporarily. As we go throughout our life, our libido levels vary.

Depending on your partner, it could mean that your male libido is lower, this is not a sign of low male libido.

Difficulties getting an erection

Difficulties getting an erection

For many people low male libido that goes on for a longer period of time is cause for concern, mostly because this low libido may cause further problems with erections or even male sexual dysfunction. Sometimes it is an indicator of underlying health conditions.

Do you suffer from low male libido?
As previously mentioned, many men are going to go through periods of a low male libido. This does not immediately represent male sexual dysfunction but they may want to find out how to boost male libido.

Causes of Low Male Libido

If you want to know how to boost male libido and prevent male sexual dysfunction, you have to understand what the underlying causes of the issue are. These are a few of the common reasons why someone might have low male libido.

Low Testosterone, Hormone Imbalance

We have already established the importance of testosterone in male sexuality. Testosterone stimulates sperm production, builds muscles and bone mass, and plays an important role in the male libido. If your testosterone levels increase, your desire for sexual intercourse is going to increase.

If your testosterone decreases, it means that your sexual desire could decrease. Despite the fact that lowered testosterone is a part of aging, a sudden and drastic drop could mean that you have issues with low male libido.

Emotional factors

Your overall sexual desire may decrease if you find yourself distracted by periods of high pressure. The primary cause behind this is because stress can disrupt our hormone levels. During times of stress, our arteries are narrowed – which is not conducive to achieving an erection. Studies have found that there is a direct effect on sexual problems when related to stress.

Alternatively, it is possible to have lower testosterone levels if you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This in turn leads to decreased libido and sexual activity and. Studies have found that there is a correlation between very low levels of testosterone during the night and severe sleep apnea.

Medications, Alcohol or Smoking

It is possible to lower testosterone levels by taking certain medications. As previously mentioned, this could lead to a lowered male libido. It is possible for blood pressure medications such as beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors to prevent erections and ejaculation. Alternatively, alcohol use, drug use, and smoking may also mean a decrease in overall male libido.

Low Self-Esteem

If you have an unhealthy body or have lowered self-confidence, it is going to be a struggle to feel sexy and desirable. Someone who feels as though they are unattractive are not as likely to engage in sex. This could lead to a lowered male libido. Another factor is that someone might have a fear of rejection.

Chronic Illness

If you have a chronic health condition where you constantly are not feeling well, sex is likely to be less important to you. It is possible for certain illnesses to reduce your sperm production counts entirely (one of the primary examples being cancer). The good thing is that if you are dealing with this illness, you could find out how to boost male libido again later.


As we get older, our testosterone levels drop. When men are in their late teens, the levels are at their highest. Around the age of 60 to 65, men are going to notice a difference in their libido. As we get older, it might take longer to become aroused, ejaculate, or achieve orgasm. It could take longer for the penis to become erect or the erection is not quite as hard.

Luckily, the medical science invented methods to increase male sexual desire and prevent problems associated with a male sexual dysfunction.

Prevent Low Male Libido

It is possible to deal with male sexual dysfunction through healthy lifestyle changes. These are not always related to physical exercise or diet. We have a few different ways that you can learn how to prevent low male libido and boost male libido through male sexual dysfunction treatment.


Sex therapy and/or relationship counselling

Sometimes talking to a professional therapist about your relationship can help to understand the causes of low male libido. They are going to talk about the current situation and perhaps offer some ideas on what you should change in your sex life in the future.

They are also able to identify underlying issues that you may need to resolve that are causing you to deal with lowered male libido.


Addressing underlying medical conditions

We have given you a number of different reasons why people can struggle with low male libido. If you are struggling with the symptoms of low male libido, perhaps stopping smoking or taking drugs could help resolve the issue.

If you are currently on medication that could inhibit your sexual desire, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor and see if you could switch to something less likely to inhibit your desire.


Spice up your sex life

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, there is a good chance that you could get ‘used’ to your partner. This means that you are no longer as aroused as you were before. This is not necessarily male sexual dysfunction, but simply means that you should try something else to spice up your sex life.

Try different sexual positions, add some toys to spruce up the entertainment, whatever you think you need to do make sex exciting again. That is going to help resolve issues with male sexual dysfunction and get you back to the earlier days of excitement.


Natural pills for male libido enhancement

We have talked about the importance of your hormones properly aligning to avoid issues with male sexual dysfunction. What if you have low male libido but do not feel as though there is anything wrong in your relationship, nor are you currently taking medication?

Perhaps a doctor would recommend that you head to the gym five times a week or perhaps switch to an all-vegetarian diet; but those are not options that most people can easily implement in their lives. If you want an easy male sexual dysfunction treatment and deal with the causes of low male libido, natural pills for male libido enhancement could be the best option that you are to find anywhere.

How to Boost Male Libido?

There are many different ways that you can deal with your low male libido and give your libido a boost. However, there are a few key components that you have to take into consideration. First, you need to seek out a natural and safe method that is not going to have any negative side effects.

You have to be consistent in your treatment, especially if you are dealing with hormone levels, simply missing a few steps in your treatment is not going to be effective. If you want to complete male sexual dysfunction treatment you have to be consistent.



Chances are that you have heard of the word aphrodisiac. These are supposed to be drugs, drinks, of food items that are going to stimulate sexual desire. A few options that you have may have heard of before include oysters and Spanish Fly. Even though these are sometimes touted as way to deal with low male libido, there are no scientific studies that highlight the effectiveness of these products.

That does not mean that you will not benefit from taking them (after all, if you have a mental block and BELIEVE you are going to be better in sex, chances are that you might be) but there is no actual evidence that this is going to have any type of effect on you.

Oftentimes these options just mean that you are wasting your money rather than dealing with the causes of low male libido.




Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals

Diet and exercise are important to our health – as is getting enough fresh air. However, we find that there are many people who have a hard time getting the necessary Vitamins and minerals that their bodies need.

If we look at what vitamins and minerals are important, both for testicular function and androgen production, we find that the minerals zinc and selenium and the vitamins A and E are required.

The only problem is that having enough vitamins and minerals in your diet is not going to offer a permanent treatment for male sexual dysfunction. The only thing that adding vitamins and minerals is going to do is offer better support for sexual health. In short, you are supplementing rather than making an actual dent in the causes of low male libido.




Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy

We have talked about the importance of testosterone in relates to the male libido. If you have lowered testosterone levels, getting hormone therapy could bring your levels back to normal. These may include pills or intramuscular injections (which means that they are injected into the muscle). Even with normal testosterone levels you may notice that your male libido is not where it should be.

While testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is going to improve sex drive and satisfaction with sex in many men, the long-term benefits and risk of TRT are yet unknown. Not only are you opting for a therapy that is somewhat experimental, but one that is also going to be quite costly.

Add in the fact that this type of therapy is not widely available, and you begin to understand why TRT is not necessarily the best treatment option for the causes of low male libido.




Male libido enhancement creams

Studies found that male libido enhancement creams instantly improve erection, increase arousal and pleasure, improve lubrication for better sex. Even though a cream is effective as an immediate solution to the issue of male sexual dysfunction, it does not deal with the underlying causes of low male libido.

This means that while it is a great short-term solution (although a costly one) it is not going to provide you with a long-term solution to male sexual dysfunction. It does not eliminate the uncomfortable situation of having to apply a cream when you are getting ready for sexual activity. Having to apply a cream before you are going to engage in sexual activity certainly removes the spontaneous nature from sex.




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Male libido enhancement pills

If you struggle with low male libido and want to make sure that you combat the problem at the root, male libido enhancement pills are going to help you do that. It is important to note that before we were introduced to modern medicine, herbs and vitamins were used for ages to treat male sexual dysfunction.

While these types of treatment are never going to offer you the same instant result as some of the other options on our list, they are going to offer you the benefits of dealing with the causes of low male libido on a long-term basis.

Because you are using natural products for male libido enhancement, you can be sure that you are getting lasting results, without any of the negative side effects that are often associated with other treatment options.




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According to scientific studies:
Sexual desire is boosted naturally, making you feel more in control and confident, erections are easily achieved, orgasms are more pleasurable.
Although pills may be slower than other methods of male libido enhancement, they tend to provide safer and long-lasting results in male sexual dysfunction treatment with more than 98% success rate.

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Clinical Studies

If we tell you that natural products for male libido enhancement are going to have a positive effect on a low male libido, you want more than just that statement. You want proof that this is going to offer you the revolutionary treatment that you have been waiting on.

In fact, there have been several double-blind clinical studies that reveal that male libido enhancement pills and creams are able to have a long-term, lasting effect when compared to placebo options.

Clinical studies confirm effectiveness of natural pills for male libido enhancement, without having to worry about damaging side effects that you have to worry about with some of the other options found on our list.

When you consider the fact that male libido enhancement pills are going to help you deal with the causes of low male libido, it is almost impossible not to see this as a breakthrough in treating male sexual dysfunction!

Clinical Studies

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